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A Full Service Tree & Landscaping Company in Wellesley, Weston and MetroWest MA

Creating timeless beauty by integrating large specimen trees and shrubs into an existing or new landscape, Behrend Tree & Landscape has served residences and businesses in the Metrowest area for more than 30 years. From pruning trees to creating new lawns quickly and efficiently, Behrend is a full service landscape company.

“Exceeding client expectations is what we deliver on every project by blending different colors, textures and blooming cycles, paying particular attention to proper maintenance and preservation of the design for years to come,” says owner Dean Behrend. “In addition to design and implementation of the new landscape, we transform the site by redefining the entire space to accommodate the clients’ needs and wishes, offering more options rather than being limited by the existing site.” Behrend also has the capability to blast through rock ledges to create additional space.

Transplanting large existing trees is another specialty of Behrend Tree & Landscape. “We have transplanted some of the biggest trees in the state. We also create custom stone structures, terraces and driveways as well as lighting and irrigation projects.”

Landscape Design:

Exterior elements can drastically make a difference in the materials used therefore every landscaping project must be addressed differently. Grade changes, drainage, elevations and slope contours whether they are added or removed will give new landscape definition to your exterior. Adding hardscapes such as retaining walls, paving stones and boulders with soft scapes such as plantings, landscape lighting and water features will transform even the most basic property into a Landscaping masterpiece


Whether you choose poured concrete with designed-in theme and accents, stone retaining walls, stairs, Patios, Driveways, Walkways, Paths, or interlocking wall and paving elements, masonry adds lasting beauty that can transform your outdoor surroundings and take advantage of unusable space.


A proper irrigation job consists of a clock, a manifold, a rain sensor and full coverage where water is necessary. The trick is to have all of this and never seeing it. With a perfectly sequenced irrigation system your lawn and plantings with thrive and develop into an investment that pays itself back tenfold.


A planting design should encapsulate the wants and likes of the homeowner. There are many key aspects to planting such as foliage color, variegations, foliage contrast, heights, dimensions, longevity and temperament, in New England our time zone has a fairly wide range therefore we have a wide variety’s of plantings that can used for privacy, variation and color throughout the four seasons with low maintenance.

Tree Service:

Only a professional should attempt to remove trees or brush. Cutting and removing trees can be very dangerous if the proper procedures aren’t taken. In New England we have a wide variety of trees. Pruning varies depending foliage, growth and tree strength. We will remove any unwanted trees or shrubs safely and in a clean and professional manner. We specialize in tree removal, tree trimming and tree pruning.


In backyard construction we can re-level your property install a swimming pool, construct a patio off your house, add a small pond for tranquility and construct planting designs that accents your desires. To top it off add landscape lighting to extend your enjoyment well into the nighttime.


Installing a new driveway is a vital part to redecorating the exterior of your home. The driveway is a key element and should complement your home so it’s important that it is and most importantly done right. We can accommodate you with a wide variety of choices for your new driveway such as brick paving stones, asphalt paving, cobblestone driveways and asphalt driveways.


The problem with walkways is they go through a lot of wear and tear. With the constant foot traffic and weathering they tend to fade, crack and move out of place. We will help you decide which pavers will be more durable, modern and attractive. Patios, walkways and paths are the elements that give you that access. A path or walkway let you move around and enjoy every corner of your home’s landscaping, while a patio or deck invites you to stay for a while, take time to be refreshed in your own “oasis.”

Entrances & Steps:

Having a beautiful entrance, steps & porch really compliments your house. Using paving stones or wood we will build you an entrance and steps that will match the exterior of your home perfectly. We also specialize in porches and decks.

Asphalt Paving:

Asphalt Paving is a very common way to do your driveway. It’s nice, clean and very affordable. Asphalt paving has many benefits such as it can be resurfaced, it is very inexpensive and it holds up during the winter season.

Snow Removal:

We provide Snow Removal and Snow Plowing. We also offer Commercial Snow Removal and Plowing.


All aspects of maintenance, including; ground maintenance, sprinkler systems, transplants, fertilizing programs, seasonal plantings, perennial harvesting, pruning, trimming and spraying.

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